Mango-Pineapple Rum

Mango-Pineapple Rum - ICO Whipper Recipe

Makes 35cl / 12 fl oz

Cooking/Preparation time: 5 mins




One 35cl / 12 fl oz bottle of white rum

200g (1 cup) chopped mango

200g (1 cup) chopped pineapple




Place the chopped fruit into a whipped cream dispenser and then pour in the rum, making sure to fill only up to the fill line on the canister. Screw on the lid.


Place one N2O charger inside the charger holder, screw onto the dispenser and release the gas. Leave for one minute, then unscrew the charger holder, and discard the charger. Place a second N2O charger inside the charger holder and repeat the previous steps, shaking the canister for one full minute after the charger has been discarded. Leave to rest for five minutes.


Take a glass and hold it over the nozzle of the upright dispenser. Press the handle to release the gas into the glass, catching any excess liquid. Once all of the gas has been released, unscrew the lid of the dispenser and strain the contents through a sieve to remove the fruit pieces.


Enjoy straight away, or pour the mango-pineapple rum into a sealable bottle and leave to sit overnight to enhance the flavour even further.


Notes: You can use ether fresh or canned fruit, but fresh fruit must be very ripe.