Tips - Soda Siphon

  • Refrigerate the empty siphon for a few hours before making water
  • Use very cold water.
  • DO NOT USE any other liquid other than water, as this siphon only carbonates water.
  • DO NOT OVERFILL Measure exactly 1 liter of water with a measuring cup.  When filling it, leave the measuring tube in place (black plastic tube that is inserted in the bottle).
  • Insert the plastic straw and screw the headset on tightly.
  • When screwing on the charger holder with the charger inside, do so quickly and firmly. If done slowly or stop in the middle, the gas will escape before entering the siphon.
  • After hearing the hissing sound of the gas going into the bottle, shake the siphon vigorously various times (15-20 times) so that the gas and the water incorporate well, and then unscrew the charger holder.
  • Put the siphon in the fridge to keep it as cold as possible. Every time you are going to use soda water, shake the siphon a few times before serving.