FAQs - Soda Siphon

  • Why is my water not so bubbly?  You may need to shake more.  Make sure you shake siphon vigorously various times (15-20 times) so that the gas and the water incorporate well.
  • How can I make the water have more fizz?  What helps in making your water have more fizz that you can try is making sure the water and the siphon are very cold before mixing the gas in and when the gas is in, shaking it vigorously so that the gas and the water incorporate well.
  • Why is water shooting out of the spout and headset?  There is too much pressure in the siphon.  Please make sure you only fill the siphon with a maximum of 1 liter of water. 
  • How can I empty the last bit of water out of the bottle?  Make sure you have removed the black measure insert tube that lines the opening of the bottle.  Remove this insert using the included black removal tool that looks like tongues.
  • How can I make flavored sodas?  After using the siphon to carbonate water, add to this soda water any desired flavorings.  Do not add these inside the siphon.