Tips - Whipper

  • DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR DISPENSER an overfilled whipped cream dispenser will produce very soft whipped cream because the gas cannot circulate properly.  Please measure and use no more than 500ml of cream for a 500ml dispensers and 1L for the 1L dispensers (to allow space for the nitrogen to expand the cream.
  • USE COLD CREAM: room temperature cream will not aerate as well.
  • USE HIGH FAT CREAM: higher fat creams with at least 36% fat will mix better with the nitrogen to produce a good consistency.
  • USE FULLY DISSOLVED SWEETENERS that will completely dissolve in the cream. Ensure to dissolve before charging the dispenser (powdered sugar, syrups, honey, liquid drops).
  • ENSURE THAT ALL GAS ENTERS THE DISPENSER: When unscrewing the charger holder, a small amount of excess gas may escape which is normal.
  • ONCE CHARGED, SHAKE DISPENSER SLOWLY BUT FIRMLY: shake between from 5 to 20 times.  Shaking ensures the N2O is thoroughly incorporated with the cream to ‘whip’ it. After the 7th or 10th shake, check for desired consistency by dispensing a small amount of cream.  If it is still soft, continue shaking and checking for desired consistency after every shake.
  • DO NOT OVER-SHAKE: as it can make the cream too stiff and cause very little to be dispensed with the rest remaining in the canister.
  • REGULARLY OIL THE CHARGER HOLDER thread to avoid grinding (common cooking oils such as sunflower or olive oil should be used – do not use non-cooking oils).
  • IF CONCERNED ABOUT THE STATE OF YOUR WHIPPER'S HEADSET, please contact us to arrange an inspection.
  • CLEAN YOUR DISPENSER AFTER EACH COMPLETE (ie. when all the cream or preparation has been completely used). This will increase the life of your dispenser and keep all your preparations tasting fresh
  • CLEAN HEADSET AND PARTS THOROUGHLY: It is important to remove the gasket, piston, and valve from the headset every time you are going to clean the whipper. Use the provided brush to clean these parts, making sure no residue is left behind as this can block the cream from dispensing and can also cause bad odors and a bad taste in the cream