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Whipped Cream Dispensers

Professional high-quality whipped cream dispensers made from TUV certified Aluminum or Stainless Steel in two different sizes (0.5L or 1L capacity).

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Cream Cartridges

Quality Nitrous Oxide N2O 8g cream cartridges to make the perfect whipped cream. Compatible with all brands of whipped cream dispensers.

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Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

Ideal for serious home cooks, baristas, caterers, and culinary professionals

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ICO Slicers & Cutters

Tools to easily and creatively slice and dice your favorite fruits and veggies to make your in-home cooking a culinary experience.

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CO2 compressed gas cartridges for Water Carbonation, Beer Systems, Tire Inflation, Airsoft and Paintball Guns and various other CO2 devices.

8g CO2 Soda Cartridges

Food grade 100% pure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cartridges for making carbonated water. 


16g CO2 Threaded Cartridges

100% pure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) threaded cartridges to inflate your bike tires in seconds.

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I own a food truck and I go through a lot of whipped cream canisters. I thought this product would be a good addition to my truck to save me money, and allow me to use my own flavored whipped cream. It has worked great so far! Considering the price, this product has far exceeded my expectations! I would definitely rate it a 5/5!

Jan E.

Los Angeles, CA


I purchased this dispenser over a year and a half ago to make fresh whipped cream for my coffee. It works as well today as when I first purchased it. The quality of every part is impeccable.
Not only is the product exceptional, but the customer service is incredible. They were professional and went far beyond what any other company would do!

Ruth B.

Savannah, GA


I ordered the all stainless steel. I found the model easy to clean and charge. I like the sturdiness of the stainless steel charging cover, it feels safe and secure. I also like the capacity, perfect for family desserts. I also use it to make coconut foam. It works really well with coconut milk and provides a nice frothy foam which is perfect for tropical flavored cocktails.

D. and M.

Framingham, MA


The stainless steel model is durable, easy to clean and charge. The stainless steel charger holder is sturdy and it feels safe and secure. It is perfect for family desserts without having to store a large quantity of leftover in my refrigerator. Overall, I am very pleased with the product and would recommend it to others looking for a durable, easy to clean whipped cream maker/dispenser that delivers delicious whipped cream and coconut foam.

Nate P.

Portland, OR


We stand behind our products.  We offer a full 2-year warranty on all whippers and most kitchenwares. 

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